EU Artificial Intelligence Act

Article 12 – Record-keeping

1.High-risk AI systems shall be designed and developed with capabilities enabling the automatic recording of events (‘logs’) while the high-risk AI systems is operating. Those logging capabilities shall conform to recognised standards or common specifications.

2.The logging capabilities shall ensure a level of traceability of the AI system’s functioning throughout its lifecycle that is appropriate to the intended purpose of the system.

3.In particular, logging capabilities shall enable the monitoring of the operation of the high-risk AI system with respect to the occurrence of situations that may result in the AI system presenting a risk within the meaning of Article 65(1) or lead to a substantial modification, and facilitate the post-market monitoring referred to in Article 61.

4.For high-risk AI systems referred to in paragraph 1, point (a) of Annex III, the logging capabilities shall provide, at a minimum:

(a)recording of the period of each use of the system (start date and time and end date and time of each use);

(b)the reference database against which input data has been checked by the system;

(c)the input data for which the search has led to a match;

(d)the identification of the natural persons involved in the verification of the results, as referred to in Article 14 (5).