EU Artificial Intelligence Act

AI Act final text published by Euractiv

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A journalist of of Euractiv published the final AI Act text on LinkedIn.

“LEAK: Given the massive public attention to the hashtagAIAct, I’ve taken the rather unprecedented decision to publish the final text. The agreed text is on the right-hand side for those unfamiliar with four-column documents. Enjoy the reading!

Some context: the document was shared with EU countries yesterday afternoon, ahead of a discussion within the Telecom Working Party, a technical body of the EU Council, on Wednesday and formal adoption at the ambassador level (i.e. COREPER) on 2 February. Therefore, the timeline is rather tight, and national delegates will not have enough time to analyse the entire text but will have to focus on the key articles.

France is still testing the waters with other countries on the possibility of forming a blocking minority, at least to delay the COREPER vote, with the view of getting some concessions into the text. At COREPER, European governments will be asked to give a yes or no answer, as the Belgian presidency is not accepting any comment or reservation at this advanced stage.

So far, Paris has been unable to build a blocking minority, but the picture will become clearer when the member states provide their feedback at the technical level. But if France does not get any concessions at this stage, it will keep up the pressure to influence the AI law’s implementation, notably in terms of secondary legislation, as the file remains a top national priority.”

Source: Linkedin