EU Artificial Intelligence Act

EU Parliament Committees to vote on draft AI Act report – update

The EU IMCO (Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection) and LIBE (Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) are preparing a draft report on the AI Act. Following thorough negotiations on compromises, the co-rapporteurs’ proposal includes substantial amendments to the original proposal, such as a ban on predictive policing, additions to the list of stand-alone AI categorised as high-risk, as well as a strong and inclusive role for the new AI Office.

Moreover, a stronger alignment with the GDPR is proposed, as is an increased involvement of stakeholders in several areas, as well as the introduction of specific provisions related to general purpose Artificial Intelligence.

Members tabled approximately 4000 amendments to the proposal, on which compromises have been elaborated.

Source and more information: website of the European Parliament