EU Artificial Intelligence Act

European Parliament headed for key committee vote on 26 April

On April 26th, leading European Parliament committees will vote on the political agreement for the AI Act. While many questions have been resolved, several critical issues remain open.

The AI Act is a significant EU proposal designed to regulate Artificial Intelligence based on its potential to cause harm. The European Parliament aims to finalize its position on the matter by May to begin negotiations with the EU Council and Commission in the trilogues.

The discussions surrounding AI regulation have taken longer than anticipated due to political infighting in the Parliament, leading to co-leadership of the Internal Market and Consumer Protection committee (IMCO) and Civil Liberties committee (LIBE).

A “package” deal on the overall proposal is finally taking shape, although several significant points still require resolution. “It’s a delicate balance,” stated a European Parliament official.

This balance may be challenged during the plenary vote in May, as some alternative amendments could be presented. However, certain critical obstacles must be addressed beforehand.


Source and more information: Euractiv – AI Act: European Parliament headed for key committee vote at end of April